Learning to Love “Trading Losses” in the Forex & Stock Market

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If you want to be a successful trader in the Forex market, you need to learn to embrace losses in your Forex transactions.


Essentially means that you SHOULD NOT LET IT MENTALLY DISTURB you when experiencing losses in Forex market transactions.

Don’t get all worked up and blame what I’m saying here.

A trader SHOULD get used to NOT being EMOTIONAL and RUSHING into every action.

You might not be happy about having a trading loss, but you SHOULD BE HAPPY that you’ve successfully exited the market because your trade is no longer in a favorable position.

Most beginner traders find this MENTAL MANAGEMENT difficult and heavy, sometimes even impossible.

As a result, they end up unable to trade well and eventually lose all their capital in their account,

………..before realizing how important it is to EMBRACE LOSSES.

It’s not just ignoring the fact that they’ve experienced a trading loss (like most people), but more importantly, these successful traders willingly face the “SURE POSSIBILITY” of losses.

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So, when that “SPECIAL MOMENT” arrives, they welcome it happily and without hesitation.

“Your Trading LOSS doesn’t diminish you as a person.

You are not your Trading LOSS.

Even if you make a profit, it doesn’t mean you’re the MARKET CONQUEROR.

All the PROFIT and LOSS you experience are simply logical consequences of trading in the Forex market.

Your job is just to DO GOOD TRADING.

Now that you have clarity, your job is simply to DO GOOD TRADING.

Of course, to trade well, you NEED ENOUGH trading knowledge. Just like an architect needs enough knowledge to design amazing and spectacular skyscrapers, it takes time to master these skills.

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You won’t become a successful trader just by watching trading videos. You have to seriously go through a learning process and develop your trading skills.

This takes time, energy, and a strong commitment.

In the Forex Doctor Club Indonesia, tutorial videos are just the starting point of your learning journey.

To master trading techniques and Price Break analysis successfully, you need to seriously learn and follow my trading lessons day by day in the member area.

This learning process is what most beginner traders lack, leading to almost certain failure and bankruptcy in their careers.

The reason is they DON’T HAVE ENOUGH KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING in this high-risk business.

From now on…

Love your trading 100%.

That means you need ENOUGH KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS in trading, and loving your LOSSES just as much as you love your PROFITS.

Accept your LOSSES just as you embrace your PROFITS.

Did you know, even the most successful traders in the world (like George Soros, Marty Schwartz, Alexander Elder, etc.) experience TRADING LOSSES?

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But they won’t believe that a losing trade reflects on who they are.

These great traders truly understand it’s a SURE PART of the trading world, and the sooner they get rid of losing trades, the quicker they find the next opportunity for BIG PROFITS.

Now that you know, if you have a TRADING LOSS, you’re not alone because even George Soros experienced trading losses in amounts much larger than yours or mine.

It’s a reality that EVERYONE must accept when it comes to making money through trading in the forex, stocks, or commodities market.

Through this writing, I really want to encourage all of you to happily accept all your TRADING LOSSES because it means your losing trade has ended.

Forget about it right away and focus immediately like a SNIPER TRADER to catch the potential signals that might appear soon.